DE-SK, s.r.o.

The main activity of the project is to build a production line for the production of plastics with the help of technology - by injecting liquid plastics into a preheated mold. The production line will create a new innovated type of plastic product - an electric lamp with UV-A radiation and a glue surface for catching flying insects. The purchase of the TEDERIC D800 / i7500, through which an innovated product is produced (within the Slovak market), represents a medium-level innovation due to the fact that the product produced so far - electric light lamp UV - A flying insect trap was made of steel sheet complex and energetically demanding technology. The innovation is that the original steel cover will be replaced by a plastic cover with a larger adhesive area, lower weight, easier assembly and longer product life.

Using the capacity of the injection molding machine, it is possible to increase this production in terms of volume. It represents a huge range of different types of these products. The company will also pursue a process of continuous improvement. It will monitor production and non-production processes using modern management methods. We will use methods, means and procedures that lead to the reduction of negative impacts on the environment as well as on the population.

Our company

It produces custom light glue traps based on UV-A radiation. As additional goods, we offer replacement adhesive sheets as well as replacement fluorescent lamps with UV-A radiation. In addition to a satisfied customer, our disposal is guaranteed by our CE certificate of conformity.
In addition to proven types, we produce Chiroptera® light traps according to the customer's wishes.
As needed, we adjust different types of lamps to meet the principle of catching insects.
We work closely with a renowned manufacturer of adhesive sheets - so you will find a number of different sizes and types in our offer.

Our product has functional links in the field of: food, beverage, healthcare, trade, sanitary facilities and wherever the environment needs to be protected. Especially food and agricultural plants, production halls with a high standard of hygiene and the like.

Of course, there is professional advice of a suitable type, option and method of placing light glue traps for flying insects in plants of any type.